Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fine Dining

Pat and John Robertson have offered to host a meal for two in their lovely, welcoming Loughton home, as a lot in our Gifts and Promises Auction. That's one promise that I'll definitely be bidding for!

Meet Paddy the Scarecrow

I've just finished making a scarecrow doll to be auctioned at our Gifts and Promises Auction on 11th July in aid of All Saints' Church. Paddy is not a child's toy. He's taken many hours of work, including quite a lot of hand sewing. Made from Donegal Tweed, Paddy stands 26" tall and was designed by Pieceful Life Designs. I saw him at this year's Malvern Quilt Festival and fell in love with him. I hope he will give someone pleasure and prove a charming reminder of this year's Scarecrow Festival.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Scarecrow Sewing!

Local textile artist Valerie Jeffries has promised to do a simple garment alteration as a lot in our upcoming Gifts and Promises Auction. Please note that this offer is not for tailoring, but Valerie is happy to take up a skirt or trousers, or alter a waistband or neckline to fit. So, if you have an ill fitting garment lurking in the back of your wardrobe, now is the time to retrieve it, shake it out and make a bid for this tempting promise.

Scarecrow Serenade!

One of our ASL organists and church musicians, Phil Richardson, has offered a most unusual and exciting promise to our Gifts and Promises Auction. Phil is willing to play an hour (split into two x thirty minute) sessions of easy listening / pop music at an afternoon / evening event of your choice (date to be mutually agreed). He will try to accommodate any favourite songs that you have, and could accompany other musicians. So, if that special occasion is on its way, why not add some live music to the mix? It is sure to be a big hit!

Friday, 15 May 2015

A Pretty Good Offer!

Arcana Hair & Beauty (in nearby Shenley Brook End) has a gift of a 'cut and blow dry' for either our Gifts and Promises Auction or as a Raffle Prize. So if you'd like to be 'sitting pretty' in July, why not come along to the Scarecrow Trail and put in a bid for this prize? It is sure to please! Thank you, Arcana for supporting us. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

As of today we will have 63 scarecrows dotted around our trail. Sixteen are from church family members; the rest (47) are from people and organisations from outside of the church. That’s an outreach of 75%!

The distribution of entries is as follows: 44 are by adults and families; 1 by a child; one by a business (The Equestrian Centre); 15 by schools and charities. Two (A Wedding in the Church Chancel and King Kong at 7, Lucy Lane) are not participating in the competitions.

In the charities sector, five schools are taking part: Holmwood, Denbigh, The Grove, Loughton School and Loughton First School. Other charities include; Becket House, Cavendish House, 1st Crownhill Scouts; 2nd Loughton Guides; SSNAP (Support for the sick newborn and their parents); MacIntyre (with 3 crows); Shenley and Loughton WL, Loughton NAG.

We have raised £245 so far from entry fees and HW Mason and Sons have contributed a donation of £50.00. Our judges will be Jonny Hill from MK Gallery; Mark Neil, MK Poet Laureate and Lance Fennell, a mixed media artist from Westbury Arts Centre.

This year, the trail will comprise two loops, centred on All Saints’ Church. Each has 33 ‘crows’ with a ‘3 crow overlap’ on the Brdwell Road. The Red Route Takes in Pitcher Lane, Redland Drive, the London Road, the Bradwell Road, Leys Road and School Lane. It is 3.5 km long, takes 5000 steps and burns 325 calories.

The Green Route takes in Turvil End, Linceslade Grove, Bignell Croft, Bradwell Road, some more of Linceslade Grove, Paynes Drive, Tresham Court, The Meadway, the Bradwell Road and Church Lane. It is 3.3 km long, takes 4,500 steps and burns 300 calories.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

63 Entries This Year!

Yes, we have actually exceeded the total number of entries in 2013! The vast majority of the entries have been from adults and families. There is only one entry from a child. Business entries are also down to just four, and two of those - Becket House and Cavendish House - could equally well be regarded as charities. We've had eight entries from charities, but three of these are from the Macintyre Centre. I shall make some adjustments to the competition to reflect the scope of the entries, with more prizewinners in the Adults/Families Class, and fewer (obviously) for children, etc. I shall be chasing four of the five schools who have said they will be participating for their entry forms, this next week, and eventually the 29 entrants who have yet to decide upon a theme for their scarecrow. All in all, though, a fantastic result. 'Thank you' to everyone who has taken the trouble to put in an entry form.

Thank You, Bodleys Woodyard

Many of you will remember 'Woody' from the 2013 trail. Bodleys Woodyard on the Bradwell Road will not be entering the competition this year, but they have most generously promised a raffle prize instead. So here's a big 'thank you' from All Saints' Church!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Very Generous Promise From Christopher Rose

Local Estate Agent, Christopher Rose, has very generously offered to support our scarecrow trail by donating a 50% Discount Voucher from their normal sales Commission Rate (1.5% plus VAT) to anybody wishing to sell their house within 12 months of announcing the winning bidder for this prize, which will be offered at a 'Gifts and Promises Auction' at our Scarecrows' Supper up at All Saints' Church, to mark the close of the trail on the evening of Saturday 11th July, 2015 
On a typical property in Loughton (say £500,000) this would represent a saving of £3,750 plus VAT so if you thinking of selling your home anywhere in Milton Keynes or the surrounding villages from mid July onwards, this would a great prize for you!
Please note that if the winner wishes to present this Voucher to a friend/ colleague/ family member it would have to be somebody who hasn’t already had their house on the market with Christopher's Estate Agency. 

Sealed bids for this prize can be lodged with Julienne Thom any time from now until the Gifts and Promises Auction takes place. They will be opened on the evening of 11th July, and considered alongside any bids made in person at the Scarecrows' Supper, at which the Auction is set to take place. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bigger and Better than Last Time!

At the May 1st deadline yesterday evening, I've received 57 entry forms for the scarecrow trail, with a few 'stragglers' that I'm aware of, who have yet to submit their forms. Several forms are for more than one scarecrow, so we are likely to have sixty or more 'crows' dotted around the trail. It looks like there will be fewer business entries this time, but more from families and groups of neighbours, so the event is turning into a real community effort. I'll be making a breakdown of the entries next week, and walking round the village to set the route for the trail. Competitors should be hearing from me by email some time next week. Meanwhile, a big 'thank you' to everyone who has taken the trouble to enter the competitions.