Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Final Competition Line Up

This year's entries are mainly from Adults and Families. There are 38 competitors in this Class, so there will be one first prize of £50.00 (gift vouchers from a leading MK store) and four runners-up who will each receive £20.00 vouchers. The Charities Class has 10 competitors. There will be a first Prize of £50.00 gift vouchers, and two runners-up of £20.00 each. The 5 Schools who have entered scarecrows will compete for one £50.00 first prize and two £20.00 runners-up.

Only one Business has entered this year, so that will receive a special prize of £30.00 gift vouchers. The one Child who entered a scarecrow will receive a special prize of £20.00 of gift vouchers. There will also be a new, special award of £30.00 of vouchers to the Group of Neighbours, who have entered a themed display. Finally, the prize for the Visitors' Choice will be £50.00 of gift vouchers.

The judges will have their work cut out on the afternoon of Friday 3rd July!

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