Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Torso is Finished

Here's the final result of all my efforts building the torso. The Giant is massive. He should be spectacular! I'm only hoping he's not going to be too heavy to carry. So far, he's been fine in rehearsals, but that was without his smock. We are hoping that there will only be a light breeze when he's walking about the village, so that he won't suffer from 'windage'.

The photo below shows how the torso is supported on a backpack. The willow torso frame is suspended from a 'neck' made from an empty plastic paint pot and held in place by a small, sized-to-fit willow ring taped at the top centre point of the torso frame. A large wooden dowel holds the whole assembly together from the bottom of the back pack, up through the torso, neck, face, hat and bird, perched on top of the hat. The dowel is supported within a larger plastic pipe, taped to the centre of the back pack. The willow torso frame is also taped firmly to the back pack and centre pipe, wherever it can be supported. The arms (described in an earlier post) have been drilled and pinned to a white, small diameter plastic pipe that runs through the top of the wicker frame at the shoulders. Altogether, it is quite a feat of engineering!

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