Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Competition Winners

The judges met yesterday afternoon to engage in their fun but incredibly difficult task of picking our winners. They found it "very hard to decide, as they (the crows) are all so good". Their messages to all the competitors are all very gratifying; "the standard is exceptional", "it is incredibly difficult to choose", and "having to pick a winner feels a bit unfair, as the entries are so close and all the people who entered have put in a lot of work". So well done there, everyone!

However, pick some winners they did, and here they are.

The winner of the Adults / Families Class is the Tin Man in Crane Court.
The judges said, "the details on the Tin Man are amazing. This scarecrow is certainly film set worthy"

Crane Court also scooped the Group Prize by transforming their street into the Land of Oz.

The judges loved the whole interpretation of their theme, follow the Yellow Brick Road, especially praising the footsteps,

All six entries in 'Oz Land' received an award. As well as the Tin Man, special awards went to Dorothy, "we love the interpretation of the theme',

the "awful but brilliant" Wicked Witch of the West,

the "glamorous" White Witch,

the Cowardly Lion who was deemed to be "just like the lion from the film, and who looks as if he has come straight off the film set"

and, of course, the Scarecrow, who "captured perfectly the spirit of the Wizard of Oz.

The prize for an unassisted Child went to Gabriel Rowcroft-James' 'Buzz Lightyear'
 which, for a small child, was thought "quite sophisticated".

The Charities Prize went to Support for the Sick Newborn and their Parents,
The judges said, "we were convinced they were real people"! The creator has "captured some realistic postures brilliantly".

The Schools Prize was taken by Loughton Manor First School, whose depiction of the Scarecrows wedding was judged to be "rustic and charming".

Finally, the prize for the best Business entry went, once again, to Loughton Manor Equestrian Centre for their "stunning" depiction of War Horse.

I shall post the runners-up tomorrow morning, and the rest of the special awards on Monday. All the entries will eventually be uploaded onto the blog, so keep watching this space, and "Well Done!", everybody.

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