Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Runners-up

The Trail is a tremendous success! We sold over 250 Trail Guides up at the church yesterday. A huge 'Thank You' to everyone who has taken part. The judges had a difficult time, choosing the winners. Any of the Runners-Up featured below could have been a winner, as they were all close to the top of the short list, and, of course, everyone has a chance of winning the Visitors' Choice Award, so if you did not win a prize from the judges, please don't feel downhearted as your efforts are truly appreciated by the visiting public.

So here they are.

In the Schools Class, the Runners-Up were The grove and Loughton School. The Grove did a splendid interpretation of Harry Potter. The judged declared Harry's face to be 'fantastic'.

Of Loughton School's Mr and Mrs Andrews, the judges said that they liked the idea that a wider educational programme was attached to the project of scarecrow-building. A special 'Well Done!' to both schools.

In the Charities Class, the Runners-Up were the Scouts and the Guides. I'm glad that both groups were successful. The Scouts made a dragon that really impressed the judges. They loved the use of sound.

The Guides were commended for making a 360 degree scene all around the tree that they selected to frame their exhibit.

In the Adults and Families Class, there were four Runners-Up: Titanic. Marilyn, Peter Rabbit and The Strawbitt Episode 2: The Descrowlation of Smaug. 

The scene from the Titanic was declared 'instantly recognisable'. The judges thought that the boat was a great touch and said that the builder had literally 'gone overboard' with his production.

They commended Marilyn as an 'iconic image'. 

They loved Peter Rabbit and thought his attention to detail was 'excellent'. He really has that 'Wow!' factor.

The Strawbitt also wowed the judges with the dragon, which they thought 'brilliant'. They commended the inventive use of the hedge, which suggested that there really was a dragon lurking in the foliage.  

So, a fantastic result for all these competitors. tomorrow, I'll post all the 'Special Mentions'.

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